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I used to look at people who made all their own cleaning products like “oh, you’re one of those people!”  It wasn’t that I looked down on them or that I thought they were taking the all natural thing way too far, it was just that I couldn’t understand how the hell they had time to do all that.

As a mom with ADHD, I am constantly struggling to keep the house clean at all, let alone taking the time to make the cleaners themselves.  It wasn’t until a friend showed me how to make my own laundry soap that I realized how easy it was and how much money I was saving.  I started looking into what goes in these DIY cleaners, and discovered it wasn’t much.  I slowly transitioned to my own cleaning concoctions, replacing them as I ran out of my chemical cleaners.  I started buying brown glass spray bottles and I picked up a couple of giant jugs of vinegar from Costco.  I had the essential oils already so it really took no effort.

I honestly couldn’t believe how much better the essential oils cleaned than the chemical cleaners!  On window cleaner commercials, they always advertise about how their product is better than the other brands because theirs doesn’t leave streaks, EVEN THOUGH IT DOES!  But using the Glass Cleaner below, actually DOES leave a streak FREE clean!

So here’s a list of everything I use to clean my house:

All Purpose:  1/4 cup vinegar, 1 cup water, 10 drops On Guard Essential Oil

Glass:  1/4 cup vinegar, 1 cup water, 10 drops Lemon Essential Oil

Bathroom:  1/4 cup vinegar, 1 cup water, 5 drops Tea Tree, 5 drops Lemon

Tub: plug the tub and add some warm water.  Add a squirt of On Guard Concentrate and give it a scrub.

Dusting:  Swiffer cloths (and no, I don’t get anything for saying that!) they’re the best for dusting that I have found so far.

Wood:  1/4 cup vingar, 1 cup water, 2 TBSP olive oil, 10 drops Wild Orange

Leather:  Same as Wood Cleaner, then use a moisturizing cream

Tile Floor: bucket of water, squirt of On Guard Concentrate

Wood Floors:  bucket of water, 1 cup vinegar, 1/4 cup olive oil, 15 drops Wild Orange

Stainless Steel:  Same as Glass Cleaner, then use olive oil to polish (honestly, I used to buy stainless steel cleaner, but this works BETTER and lasts LONGER!)

Oven Racks:  The easiest way to clean the oven racks is to put 6 dryer sheets on the bottom of the tub. Place the racks on top and fill the tub on the hottest setting while adding 1/4 cup dawn.  Wait at least 2 hours

Oven:  2 tablespoons Dawn, 1⅓ cup baking soda, 10 drops lemon essential oil, 5 drops tea tree essential oil, ¼ cup vinegar, approx. 1 TBSP water
Mix everything together in a bowl to create a paste. Add the water last, a bit at a time so you get a good paste that’s easy to spread. Dab/Spread the paste, putting it on thicker where it needs. Let it sit overnight if possible or at least 3 hours.

Carpet Stains: 1 cup white vinegar, 2 cups water, 2 tsp salt, 15 drops of a CLEAR essential oil (I used Lavender) Spray liberally, shaking between sprays, let it dry and then vacuum.


*****Remember to always shake your pre-made cleaners before each use since the oils will separate from the water!!!!

If you’re wondering why I only have 1/4 cup of vinegar per 1 cup of water when most people do a 1:1 ratio, it’s because I haven’t had the need.  Honestly, I find that the 1/4 cup is enough and does a good job so why add more?

To understand more about essential oils click here or if you’re ready to purchase, click here




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