30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

I find that most spring cleaning challenges you find online are so vague and won’t really work for anyone except the person who wrote it.  They don’t take into account the amount of time each person has to spend cleaning or even how big their house is or how many rooms they have.  Sometimes they leave important things out, or the other extreme…tell you to take a day to clean out your purse.  I’m sorry, but I don’t consider cleaning out my purse as part of the house, even though it could probably use it.

Us busy moms need a simple and flexible plan that fits each of our lifestyles, but we also need a deadline to keep us motivated.

So where can you find such a thing?  Well, you’re not going to like the answer, but you don’t.  You have to make your own plan.  But don’t worry, I’ve got plenty of tips and printables to help you come up with a plan that will get you clear on your goals, help you manage your time, and figure out how to put it all together so it won’t be so overwhelming.

First off, ask yourself some of these questions so you can decide how you want to go about your spring cleaning.  For example, are you going to clean all your windows and then move on to the next thing? Or are you going to go room by room and clean it top to bottom?  I personally like to do it room by room, starting with the rooms I spend the most time in.  It gives me more motivation to keep going.

More questions you should ask:

How big is my house and how many rooms do I have?  Can the kids and/or spouse help?  How much wood, leather, glass, etc is there to clean?  How many bathrooms do I have to clean?  Am I sorting through clutter to get rid of things I don’t need?  What’s the worst room in the house?  Where do I spend the most time?

These will just give you a feel for how you want to start, and what you actually want or need to clean.

Next Step is to do an inventory of your house.  Write down all the rooms in your house, including hallways, and rate them from 1-10 (1 being clean and 10 being gross).  That’ll give you an idea of how much there is to clean and where you’ll need to spend more time.

House Inventory free printable

Then you can decide how much time you have to spend cleaning each day.  Do you have a full or part-time job?  Or are you a stay-at-home mom or housewife?  What other obligations do you have?  Committing to a minimum of 30 minutes each day is the best way to go about it, even if you have to break that into smaller chunks of time throughout the day.  Remember to be flexible.  Unexpected things are going to come up or your just going to be so exhausted you say “fuck it”.  Try not to allow too many of these days or you’ll get off track.  I generally allow myself a maximum of 4 of these days.  But even then, I try to stick to the 30 days by working harder and longer on other days.


Available Time free printable


So now you have a good idea of how/what you want to clean, a list of each room and how dirty it is, and the time you have to spend cleaning your house.  Time to put the puzzle together and make your plan!

You can print of a calendar of the month(s) you’re doing your challenge (nothing fancy needed, just any old calendar will work).  For each day start by looking at your time frame and everything you have to clean and piece it together.

You might want to print out a couple of calendars.  Chances are you going to under or over do it and have to decide to spread it out more, or add more time.

Calendar free printable

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Good Luck!