How to Get Started With Essential Oils

There are a few ways to get started with essential oils depending on what you’re looking for.  So I’ve broken it all down for you.

So you kinda want to try it, but you don’t want to be a member.  It would be super awesome if I would just send you a free sample so you could try it, right? Bwahahaha not going to happen.  But I’m sure there’s some hopeful out there willing to do this for you.

Move along, freeloader!

Your convinced, you want to try it, you don’t want to be a member though.  Cool, no prob.  You can log onto my website.  You’ll pay retail, but you can buy whenever your heart desires and it’ll get shipped right to you.

Order here

You want to try it, but you don’t want to pay retail.  How much is a membership?  Also cool.  A membership is $42 CAN for the first year and $30 CAN every year after (plus you get a free bottle of Peppermint).  You’ll get 25% of the retail price.  There’s no obligation to buy each month, but there’s some pretty cool bonuses if you do.  Don’t worry if you’re in the US, you’ll get the prices in US dollars on the website when you enter your Country.

Sign me up!

What kind of bonuses?  First of all, if you sign up with an enrollment kit, your membership is included.  This really is the best way since you get more bang for your buck.  Then you can set up an LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) to send you oils every month.  Don’t get your panties in a bunch, you can change your order every month.  You’ll start off with 10% back in points and then every three months you’ll advance 5% until you’re getting 30% back.  The points are based on each product.  You’ll also get the price of shipping back in points.  The points can then be used to purchase product.  Then if you order 125PV (those are the points) before the 15th of the month, you get the product of the month FREE!

Awesomesauce! Sign me up!

You already know you love essential oils and you want to start your own business.  Now you’re talkin’! Signing up as a Wellness Advocate means you’ll get personal training from yours truly.  And I’m not talking about automated e-mails…I’m talking about actual live conversations.  Click here to get in touch with me so we can set you up!



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